Truer words have never been spoken. How many times have you had an idea and been so excited about it, but squashed it before you ever got started, simply due to fear and doubt? It’s not your idea that’s crazy; the fact that you let it go so fast because of something that doesn’t even exist is CRAZY!

The video below sums up the Salty Bean Coffee Company’s story, and ends with a call to action everyone needs to hear.

Counting my daily blessings includes being grateful for my friendships with Paige Mills and Noah Martin. We came to know each other through nothing less than fate. I was an amateur photographer trying to learn my way through daily sunrises, sunsets, airs, and rocket launches, so I am always seeking advice from fellow photographers in the area. Luckily, they are some of the most generous, caring, free spirited people I have ever encountered, and they  welcomed me with open arms. I latched on to an eccentric professional photographer in the area who has been selfless enough to mentor me. To return the favor, I hesitantly agreed to shoot a few promotional photos of the Salty Bean Coffee crew and the Black Pearl.

Now, I wasn’t hesitant because I didn’t want to return the favor. I was hesitant because we had friends in town that day, and were trying to set up an anniversary shoot with limited time and impending weather. However, I firmly believe in paying all debts and being there when the collector comes calling.

Paige & Noah had a busy day full of races, deliveries, and generally just being awesome people, so they were running a bit behind schedule. I was stressed. I really wanted to accommodate everyone, but the weather was looking ominous as it rolled in from the west. Paige & I continued to text, “should we?”, “shouldn’t we?” for the next 3-4 hours until we finally decided it was best to forge forward and try to get the shots. I still remember Paige’s concern about crossing the causeway over the Banana River in The Black Pearl, “Somebody joked and said ‘watch out for the causeways when it’s windy, you’ll blow right off’ I’m wondering the validity of that and a local may know better.” I loved her instantly! They made it to the shoot in one piece and we rocked it!

If there is anyone I know who is living their vibe, it’s these two incredible people. I consider it an honor to know them, learn from them, and share their inspiring story with everyone I can. Fate intertwined our paths, and they have inspired me to pursue my own vibe without looking back.

Trust in the breadcrumbs of your life. Embrace everyone you meet. Seek love. Seek knowledge. Seek your vibe.

And most of all, “If you have a crazy idea…just go for it!”



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