When I start to feel like life is beating me down, I think of my friend Lisa D. Scarbrough and realize I'm a complete jerk for complaining about my ailments.

A local surfer and Air Force Veteran, she contracted Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from tools used when she was cut while getting a pedicure.

48 hours after the injury, her son found her unconscious on the floor and called 911 just in the nick of time. The damage caused her to have toes on both feet amputated. Can you imagine the physical, emotional, and financial pain, as well as many other burdens of having to live through all that?

But here she is, back in the water, wearing her self-made prosthesis and surf-booties that she adjusts each time, trying to find the right formula to get her standing on her board again.

She said to me, "Plan A is to just be happy with what I have."

So, when you see my girl in the lineup at 2nd Light or RCs, throw a #Shaka and cheer her on as she continues her journey to catching her next wave!


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