What IS #LiveTheVibe™

(Originally posted May 2019)  A friend recently asked me, "What IS #livethevibe?"

"Great question!", I replied, and then failed miserably at explaining the method to my madness. So, I figured this is the perfect opportunity to share the story of how #livethevibe came to life.

It started as a motto I would chant in my head to transition my thinking from a negative thought to a positive one. It calms my mind, allows me to think clearly about the big picture of life, and find gratitude in the moment. Written in large, bold, black letters on the top of the whiteboard in my office, it is almost always in my line of sight.

However, it really isn't the words that make the difference in my attitude, the important part is what I ENVISION as I repeat the mantra in my head. I picture my new home town and all of the people in it, as well as everything I have learned and experienced since arriving here such a short time ago. I picture passionate and friendly faces living their authentic lives and helping their neighbors. I picture the vibrant colors and artistry that surround me every day. I picture the waves and surfers, both young and old. Families surfing together, fishing together, and in general, sharing their love for the ocean. I picture Cocoa Beach and Brevard County.

That vision brings me peace. That peace is the vibe.

Since moving here, I have uncovered a love for landscape and surf photography and regularly share pictures on Facebook for my family and friends to enjoy. I began using #livethevibe on my posts to help resonate good feelings and beauty into the message. It caught on.

Surprisingly, friends started using #livethevibe on their posts as well. I was touched by how the message was spreading, so I thought it would be cool to have a few stickers created...but the stickers had to mean something. Touched to the core by how this small town was changing my life in such a drastic way, I wanted to somehow show my gratitude by sharing the positive message. This town and the people in it inspire me every day. I wanted to know how they were inspiring others around me. Thus, "Sticker for a Story" was born.

I put a shout out on Facebook at @livethevibe.life for people to send me stories of those who inspire them or motivate them to be a better person. Stories of those who are living life doing what they love and giving back to their communities. When the first story was submitted the same day, I was STOKED!

As the message continues to spread, I receive pictures of #livethevibe stickers that friends and family have posted in places to remind them there is always something for which to be thankful. For fun, I'm considering creating a page on my website for "Sticker Sightings", so if you have a sticker or you happen to come across one, snap a shot and send it to me! Include the location because I'm excited to see how far the vibe will go!

So, to answer the original question, #livethevibe is spreading love and peace, living a life you believe in, and helping those you can.

Will you help me share the vibe?


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